Can an Insurance Company really raise your expectations about insurance?

At a time when American businesses need to attract and retain the best talent they can find, many business owners have been forced to compromise on employee benefits and corporate insurance coverage as they search for more affordable solutions. The result is that people have lowered their expectations of how their insurance provider can support them. At Collins and Associates, we have built an aggressive team of professionals who have the common goal of reversing that trend. We are dedicated to moving your idea of insurance from a monthly charge for undefined services to a true business partnership.

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Is your Personal Insurance Program personal enough?

Our Personal Risk Management Team builds personal asset protection programs that constantly change to meet the specific needs of individual clients. At a time when the insurance industry has focused on blanket generic programs designed to provide the same level of service for large numbers of clients, Collins and Associates is building unique risk management strategies for our high net worth clients, one life story at a time.

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Can you really control your cost of insurance?

With Collins and Associates’ Proactive Risk Management Business Plan, the answer is yes.

If you are trying to control your total cost of risk by constantly reacting to the latest problem at hand, you’ll never get a handle on your expenses. We can help you establish a proactive approach to risk management by creating a business plan specifically aimed at risk control and reduction. We call it the PRM plan – for Proactive Risk Management. The PRM plan will turn your organization into a continuous improvement operation aimed at preventing rather than reacting to problems.

Do you understand your risk exposure?

Collins and Associates’ risk control services team builds ongoing plans to reduce your direct and indirect costs. Our team projects trends and identifies best practices that allow you to recapture and drive down costs.

Are Employee Benefits costs beyond your control?

Many companies have become resigned to the idea that employee benefits costs are not controllable and will continue to increase rapidly in the future. Their only reaction is to cut offerings and increase co-pays. The Collins and Associates’ Employee Benefits Team challenges that idea by bringing a tenacious approach to benefit program design and implementation. We analyze your coverage goals first, and then scour the entire benefits landscape to build unique programs that satisfy both your employees and your pocketbook.